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What Is Your Social Media Profile Saying About You?

More and more jobs and professional agencies are social screening and using people’s social media profiles to determine the type of team members and partners they want to join their companies, networks and communities. 

Your social media presence (including blogs & vlogs) should tell others what you do professionally. Think of your social media profile as snapshots of your life. 

Not only should your social media profile (SMP) read like a resume, it should also capture something unique and compelling about you.

Does your SMP show how you are converting your experiences and skills in a manner that add value to others? Does your SMP give evidence of your ability to create original and high-quality content?

Is your SMP emphasizing the importance of community, interconnectedness, interdependence and plurality? Does your SMP demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills? Does your SMP exude positivity and inspire others?

If you desire to enter into strategic partnerships or open the doors to new professional opportunities, it is important that you create a digital footprint that is consistent with your authentic self and real-world values, and one that is uniquely compelling to decision-makers and influencers. 



10 thoughts on “What Is Your Social Media Profile Saying About You?

  1. My eldest loves how small his cyber footprint is. He shows up on my blogs more than anywhere else and even those have nicknames! My youngest could care a less about social media…..although, he takes a darn good selfie!

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  2. I recently shut down my Facebook, and was never on Twitter or others. I still have a Pinterest account, but most of what is there relates to birds and flowers. My name is modified, too. I suppose not participating on social media has many downsides, but I don’t mind. Anonymity is important for me at this point in my life.

    I only let my very closest friends and family members visit my blog here at WP. My real name is not associated with my WP account either.

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  3. Great post and so true! But sometime all of this marketing of yourself can get to be a drag. I would much rather spend my time just doing what I love to do, create things. It is a necessary evil.

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