Personal Development

Don’t Accept The Verdict

At this very moment, there is someone who is thinking that the success gods no longer favor him or her. Perhaps, you are that person. Everything in your life appears to be working against you. Every imaginable obstacle and setback has rear its head and it does not seem as if life is going to get better any time soon.

The odds not only look to be stacked against you, but the will to fight on—the will to continue—also seem to be fading with every passing moment. You feel as if your pursuit of the impossible has been a grand and monumental waste of your time, energy and effort. You are ready to accept the verdict that your ridiculously impossible dreams will not come to fruition.

I am here to remind you, do not accept that verdict. Do not allow doubt and fear to impede your forward momentum. Do not allow difficulties, setbacks and obstacles to alter the course of your life.

You are doing the hardest part, which is putting in the work. Now, all that is left to do is to be patient and stay in the present. Yes, it feels like you are falling apart on the inside. And you are questioning whether you still have the will to win.

But you understand that if winning were easy, then everybody would be winning. You have accepted that there is something uniquely compelling about your person. Deep down, you know that you were born to experience unparalleled success. 

Remember, YOU are the master of your own fate. You are in control of your destiny. The life you have always imagined is right before you—it is within reach. You are one step closer to meeting your goals. So, accept your birthright to live your ridiculously impossible dreams and to prosper. 

Give your future self a reason to smile. And make the rest of your life the best of your life!



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