Paradigm Shift

A Conversation About Wealth & Soul Mates

What are your thoughts about soul mates? Is it your belief that soul mates are bonded together for life and eternity?

Do you believe it is possible for a person to have more than one soul mate? Would you be okay with your partner or spouse having a soul mate besides you?

Let’s turn to wealth. What is your idea of wealth? What if I told you that the concept of wealth does not exist in reality? What if I told you that wealth exists only in one’s mind and what most people consider to be wealth are simply tokens and high-status artifacts?

I discuss these ideas and more on my weekday podcast. Be sure to take a listen. You can share your thoughts or questions here or at:, and I will have a response to your question(s) or comment(s) on tomorrow’s show. 

In this episode [EP36] of The Mindfullness Show, I discuss…

  1. Multiple Soul Mates?
  2. What Does An Engineer And a Fashion Designer Share In Common?
  3. Is Wealth An Illusion?
  4. Hired To Ensure Your Failure.
  5. Getaway Home In The Hamptons.
  6. Multiple Sources of Income.

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17 thoughts on “A Conversation About Wealth & Soul Mates

  1. I believe you can have multiple soul mates, but not just in romantic relationships. I believe you can grow to become soul mates, its not just left up to fate.

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  2. Soul mates are silly. Kindred spirits are everywhere, but a mate for your soul? No. In spite of me not buying this concept, I know many couples who are so together they match like a pair of comfy shoes. (Sole mates?)

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  3. I agree that a soul mate doesn’t necessarily need to be a romantic relationship. I’ve had many people over the last half century who understood me on a deep level. I married one of them–that was the romantic one:-)

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  4. My partner having a soul mate besides me? No thank you. Also, fate doesn’t have to be the one doing all the match making. Couples can work to be soul mates.

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  5. I believe you can have multiple soul mates. My wife is my eternal soul mate and the last I’ve worked with for years is my other soul mate. It’s like having a real wife and a woke wife.
    For wealth, the main thing lots if money gives is choices.
    I believe health is more important than wealth. Thanks Phil 😎

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  6. I like Kurt Vonnegut’s description of soul mates; he called it “karass” – a group of people liked in a cosmically significant manner. A “duprass” is a karass that consists of only two people. I am part of a lovely karass.

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  7. I don’t like the idea of “soulmates” or “the one” because it creates a fantasy and distorts the reality of human relationships. Relationships require work and growth from the people involved so I think it’s absolutely possible that there is more than just one person out there for someone to love. As for wealth, I don’t really have any ideas.

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