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One And The Other

One And The Other

My happiness, your happiness—our happiness is intricately connected to the happiness of others. The pursuit of individual happiness is like chasing after an illusion. Happiness is not something that is achieved. Happiness is a shared experience.

One of the constants that exist in nature is that of mutual exchange. The survival of one is dependent on the survival of the other. Just as growth, development and survival are essential processes shared by all life forms on earth, the happiness of one gives life to the happiness of all, and the happiness of all gives life to the happiness of one. 

So, create a positive feedback loop of adventure, generosity and happiness, and say yes to living and thriving in an economy of love. And remember, you are both the one and the other.

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19 thoughts on “One And The Other

  1. Positive Feedback Loop. I like it. Love the point you made. Our constant search for happiness clouds the reality that without discontent we can’t appreciate happiness.

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