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Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything!

I have never liked snakes. Those freakishly-looking unevolved legless slithering mass of bones, muscles and scales—give me the creeps. And yes, my legs are propped up as I am writing this post—hey, you never know what can happen. 

But as much as I hate the sight of snakes, I would much rather jump into a hole filled with snakes (small and nonvenemous ones), than to be in the company of people who complain. 

I do not understand why people complain. It is not like complaining has the power to solve a problem. In fact, all complaining does is remind the complainer of the pain s/he is experiencing and without offering that person a way out of his or her troubling situation. In other words, complaining is a monumental waste of precious time. 

The next time you are tempted to complain…remember that roughly twenty-five thousand people around the world will die of hunger related causes over the next 24-hour period. Around ninety-six people will die in a vehicle accident before the day (today) is over—and that’s just in the United States.

As I am writing this post, somewhere in your community and in my community, a woman is being physically assaulted by an intimate partner. By the time you finish reading this post, a two-year-old will die of complications from leukemia. 

Despite the hardship or difficulty you are presently facing, take a moment to celebrate life. And remember, winners do not complain—winners adapt and adjust. 

I discuss this topic and more on today’s podcast. Be sure to take a listen. You can share your thoughts or questions here or at:, and I will have a response to your question(s) or comment(s) on tomorrow’s show. 

In this episode [EP38] of The Mindfullness Show, I discuss…

  1. The Absurdity of Complaining.
  2. What Do You Really Want?
  3. Change The Conversation.
  4. The Promise of Tomorrow.
  5. Winners Adapt And Adjust.
  6. The Best Is Yet To Come!

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22 thoughts on “Until Further Notice, Celebrate Everything!

  1. I have a complaint to make. After you had to go and bring snakes into the equation, I had a difficult time focusing on the rest of what you had to say 😉 All jokes aside, so very true. I love your posts, and always look forward to seeing what you are going to come up with next. Keep up the good work 🙂

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  2. Important point, thank you.
    I think we probably developed to complain as a bit of a social trait because people like to complain and it brings us closer.
    But I agree with you, I think we should try to evolve past it!

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    1. You present an interesting perspective. I did not consider the “bring us closer” angle. That is something I will have to explore more deeply. I think I will lead tomorrow’s show with that idea. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Excellent reminder. Why do we find it “fun” to complain? If it didn’t feel good, we wouldn’t do it right? Does it feel good because it connects us with others (like parttimetraveler93 said)? Brings us solidarity? For bigger matters, complaining when teamed with positive action can cause change. Petty complaining… yeah, that’s a waste of time. Awesome post.

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    1. Marilyn, this is a very compelling observation. I especially liked the following point: “For bigger matters, complaining when teamed with positive action can cause change” Something for me to consider more deeply. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Looking for what’s right in your world, rather than focusing on what’s not – that’s the idea. What you look for, you will find more of just by giving your attention to it. When we complain, we are focusing on what we don’t want, so we see more of that. It’s the Law of Attraction.
    P.S. snakes are lovely creatures most of the time! 😉

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    1. No doubt, Alicia! Where your focus goes, your energy flows. And whatever you think about all the time, you attract into your life.
      P.S. How dare you put “lovely” in the same sentence with “snakes?” Oh the horror of it all…🙀😏😄

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  5. I work with people with new disabilities, severe and life altering disabilities, and it always amazes me how much they focus on the positive and don’t complain. Then I see people on Facebook complaining about a customer in their customer service job and just wonder what they will do if faced with an actual problem. Or a cold they will know will go away. Not that I’m on a high horse, I have to catch myself sometimes too. But I would so much rather spend my day focusing on the positive than the negative.

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