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Championship Pedigree

Joe Lacob, majority owner of the Golden State Warriors, was asked by ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith, about the factors that contributed to the Warriors’s success and impressive 2017 championship run.

Mr. Lacob maintained that: It’s every little thing. It’s not one big thing. It’s every little thing. Attention to detail. And trying to be great everyday.”

Mr. Lacob was asked other questions about the team’s success, to which he responded:

  • You have to believe in yourself.
  • You have to have conviction.
  • You have to do what you believe in.
  • You can’t listen to everybody else.
  • You can’t lose confidence.
  • You gotta do what you think is right.
  • You have to take chances. You must be a risk taker

And that, ladies and gents, is what you call a championship mentality.

You can also listen to the Podcast Episode.

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7 thoughts on “Championship Pedigree

  1. I like what Oakland Raiders coach Jack Del Rio is saying to his team this year. He’s preaching what John Madden told him last week. “Try to get a little bit better everyday.” Know that you have lofty goals for the future, but, for right now, try to get a little bit better everyday.

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  2. Perfect recipe for success! They’re not easy to do either. It’s almost like if you master that list, than success has no choice but to come to you. Thanks for sharing this, it’s a great reminder!

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