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How To Develop a “Do First” Mentality

Are you trying to figure out what to do with your life? Are you still trying to identify your niche or purpose? 

[PROBLEM]  Too many people are planning, strategizing, vision boarding, consulting or chasing, as a way to figure out their niche or purpose. 

[SOLUTION]  If you want to figure out what your passion or niche is, then you must develop a “do first” mentality. You must begin executing one idea after another until you find a pattern and rhythm—your comfort zone.  

The cost of entry to becoming successful is unbelievably low, but many people will not experience the amazing results they desire because they spend their waking hours dreaming and hoping. 

So, how do you develop a “do first” mentality? 

You develop a “do first” mentality by doing.

Right now, someone might be thinking, “Come on, Josiah, it can’t be that easy.”

First, if that thought is what you accept as true, then guess what? That thought will become a self-fulfilling prophecy—keeping you trapped in an endless cycle of mediocrity and nonfulfillment. Secondly, I never said it would be easy. Because if it were easy, then everybody would be doing it—everybody would be winning. 

What I am suggesting is that in order to make the rest of your life the best of your life, you must be proactive both in your thoughts and actions. In other words, do not sit on the sidelines waiting for opportunities to present themselves. Rather, create the opportunities you wish to experience. 

So, take time every day to define the person you desire to be. Then move toward (execute) that ridiculously impossible goal with swifticity and urgent alacrity. 



32 thoughts on “How To Develop a “Do First” Mentality

  1. Thanks for the reminder. It’s so easy to spend time contemplating all of the options as opposed to getting up and making decisions about how to spend your time. The funny thing is, you can’t actually become different as a person until you take that action.

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  2. MOTIVATION, YES! Thank you, now I am getting on my bicycle and pedal few kilometers away. Just do it!

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  3. It’s true. Now that I’m getting older I realize that the person I’ve been aspiring toward has been there all along, I was just afraid to claim her. Now, finally, I’m getting there!

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  4. Well said SKY!. People who fear taking a step until they are certain it’s the right one are destined to step only where they’ve already been.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Great post (: I also just recently watched a video from a group post on retraining your brain. While reading your post it made me think back to that video! Whenever we think of doing something different, it takes our brains five seconds to turn that idea around. We start second guessing ourselves, there is fear, and indecision about change! Kind of like a protect mode. But like you say, we need to JUST DO IT!!!! Create opportunities, don’t think too hard, and just go for it (: Great post to read on a Friday as the week is ending.

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    1. Thank you! I would sum up the essence of the post with the following: “Scare yourself a little, never let yourself get too comfortable, and always seek new challenges.” Looks familiar? (: 😄

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