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Hard Work Is NOT The Solution

The idea of hustle, grind and hard work is being touted in many motivational speaking circuits and entrepreneurial circles as the magic elixir of success. While the intention of those individuals pushing the “hard work” message might be noble, they are sharing an incomplete narrative.

There are so many well-meaning people who are consumed by the idea and philosophy that if they only worked harder and put in more hours, they would be able to achieve the highest levels of success. Unfortunately, their hard work and effort almost never take them to the promise land of their imaginings.

This episode is about how to work smarter, not harder—and how to use hard work to figure out how not to work hard. Hard work should be what you use to leverage and gain access to the tools that could help you gain the freedom of time in order to become the best, happiest and wealthiest version of you.

Takeaways to Keep in Mind

  • Mastery of one niche can be converted into a catalyst for learning and monetizing other passions.
  • Pursuing what you love will lead to:
    • Inspired action and the discipline needed to build momentum
    • Connection to the right people and resources
    • The will to overcome obstacles and setbacks
    • A life defined by happiness, abundance and fulfillment.

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6 thoughts on “Hard Work Is NOT The Solution

  1. I do think your words are something to take to heart. There is a such thing as working hard but not going anywhere with it. It’s the way it’s applied. Thank you for this post!

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