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Why Being Good Is A Bad Idea_Part I

In theory, being good is a noble concept. Being good is a virtue that has been embedded in human culture and civilization since the beginning of time. Many people frame their worldview and center their entire existence on being good. But the good I have in mind to discuss is not the good that is tied to character, norms or values. The good I am referring to is the good of comparison—the adjective, the motivation, and the choice.

Being “good” is not always what it portrays itself to be. For example, sometimes when you feel as if you have done enough, you settle for being good. Or when you come face-to-face with something that presents itself as impossible, good often ends up defining your reality. When you invite fears and doubts to take up residence in your mind, the end result is usually settling for good. When you conclude that there are no more victories to be won, good becomes a permanent fixture of your reality.

The best adaptation of good is bad if you judge things based on the inimitability of the human spirit. Good, in many instances, is the enemy of great because being good often comes at a cost—the cost of experiencing life’s best. If you desire to experience a life that is defined by incomparable success, then you have to accept the peace that is tied to living as the best, most authentic and most complete version of you.

Takeaways to Keep in Mind

  • If you keep doing good, you will keep being average.
  • You must be willing to give up the good in order to be great.
  • Greatness is not a pursuit; it is a way of being—a way of life. 

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