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“Quit While You’re Ahead?”

“Quit while you are ahead?” Why would anyone with normal mental functioning ever entertain such a thought? Let’s delve deeper. Why do so many people find it relatively easy to abandon a once-cherished pursuit? Why is it that most people quit shortly after trying?

Do people quit because they lack the intestinal fortitude, strength of will and focus to hold on to an image of success long enough? Could it be that quitters are simply part of a dividing line—an evolutionary process that weeds out the weak and those who are unable to make timely adjustments to situational context and adapt to their environment?

(Were you aware that >90% of bloggers quit blogging within three to six months of starting their blog? But that is another story. Or is it?)

Why start something only to abandon it? Did your family responsibilities get in your way? Could it be that you had other activities that were significantly more important; hence, your decision not to nurture your goals and ambitions and explore new success opportunities? Maybe your career consumes your time, rendering you helpless to fully immerse yourself in your passion. Perhaps you underestimated your skillset and eventually lost your way—blundering into a world of obscurity.

il_fullxfull.453288284_e3qhIs it possible that people are simply hiding behind what appears to be legitimate excuses—namely, time, resources, responsibility and ability? Why do people empower these excuses and let them get in the way of gaining mastery of their passion(s)? Why do you allow excuses to prevent you from doing something you really want to do?

If Not Now, Then When? When Are You Going To Accept That You Are Amazing? 

The aforementioned was not meant as a criticism or judgement. I get it, that life can sometimes be an endless loop of chaos. But why feel punished by it? Why not find and create meaning from the chaos?

In the midst of the endless process of change and eternal renewal—this phenomenon called life—adventure and possibilities await.

With this idea in mind, what are you making the focal point of your day-to-day reality? What do you want out of life? I would argue that the most important variable as it relates to becoming the best version of you is a steadfast and resolute commitment to self-love, self-nurturing and self-renewal. Once you make those disciplines the hallmark of your beautiful life, everything else will fall into place.

Success is fairly simple. On the one hand, you can choose to focus on problems and make those problems the problem. You can continue to make excuses and get more of the same. On the other hand, you can listen to your inner voice—the amazing you—and make a rock-solid and self-affirming commitment to activate your greatness and create the life of your imagination.

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24 thoughts on ““Quit While You’re Ahead?”

  1. Josiah, your blog is motivating, love it! I would like to add that Choice is also an element when we set success as a goal. Choosing to face the problem to resolve it or running away is also a choice. If we choose success, eliminating excuses and face the problem is a choice to succeed.

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