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Perfecting The Good

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• [00:51] – How To Perfect Your Craft
• [05:42] – Monetizing Your Passion
• [10:05] – Start With Being Good
• [16:04] – Helicopter vs. Mother Nature
• [19:03] – The Magic is Found in the Process
• [21:28] – The Greatest NBA Player of All Time
• [22:32] – Focus on the Process

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4 thoughts on “Perfecting The Good

  1. I’ve never listened to a PODCAST before but this deceives a Bookmark and a save. I’ve always looked at the result all my life looking for shortcuts to success but after listening this i realised It’s not always about the END (result) it’s about the JOURNEY (process). Thanks For Sharing.

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  2. You can’t cheat the universe, love it. Great advise, nothing happens over night, you have to give it time you perfect your craft by working on your craft, giving attention, giving it energy, giving it your heart. Thanks Josiah

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