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Too Many Options Can Hurt You

Were you aware that having too many options can lead to an unhappy and unfulfilling life? Pondering on too many choices as it relates to living your passion and pursuing your dreams can lead you to avoid making decisions altogether. And here is why. 

When you are faced with many choices, your mind’s natural reaction is to go into problem-solving mode. So as the number of options increases, you tend to overanalyze, which causes you to get stuck in an indecision loop, which leads to mental fatigue and demotivation. 

What are the solutions? 

Put limits on your options. Having less options forces you to direct your time, effort, and mental resources on the task or idea that is both urgent and important. 

Place a value on your time. In other words, commit to the activity that will yield the most favorable outcomes and sustainable results with the least opportunity cost. 

Avoid the “perfect” option. This means becoming comfortable with the idea of perfecting the good—preferably, the option that is tied to your passion. 

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16 thoughts on “Too Many Options Can Hurt You

  1. Speaking as a musician, too many options for creativity can be a burden. With full digital recording software, the possibilities are endless… and yet I often toy around with random instruments and effects with no actual productivity. Meanwhile, some of my best work has been made on a four-track cassette station.

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  2. True too many options will also be confusing. Your suggestions are great, but for a fickle minded person like myself, I also seek multiple opinions in the end, go with you heart. That is my option as everything happens for a reason.

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