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Leverage Your Authentic Voice

The one common denominator you will always find in studying the lives of winners, is that they understand the importance of using their leverage to solidify their brand value. Successful people are not afraid to leverage their unique identity and authentic voice in order to win. Winners understand that in order to win, they must utilize what they have in their possession, and that is, leverage. 

So how do you leverage your brand?  The way to leverage your brand is actually quite simple. You leverage your brand—the uniquely-compelling YOU—by becoming an owner. Having ownership of your brand is what gives you the ability to be a producer. You cannot leverage your brand if you do not have ownership.

Show me a successful person and I will show you an owner and a producer. Show me someone who is not successful, and I will show you someone who is not an owner— someone with a consumer mindset. 

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Here is the primary consideration of this post. Passion, hard work and persistence are key components of success. Being disciplined, creating good habits and holding yourself to excellence are equally important. Even so, in order to experience your defining success moment, you must begin thinking and acting like an owner. You must become an owner.

It is impossible to leverage your brand identity if you are thinking and behaving like a consumer. Living as a consumer places you at a disadvantage and empowers other people to minimize your reality and determine your success outcomes. If you desire to experience sustained levels of success, then you must abandon the consumer mindset. 

There is a popular saying that Success doesn’t happen by accident, we must work for it.” Well that is an incomplete perspective; specifically, the “we must work for it” part of the quote. Here is the paradigm shift to always keep in mind. The only people who “work” for success are those with a consumer mindset. Conversely, owners and producers put success to work for them.  

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18 thoughts on “Leverage Your Authentic Voice

  1. Great post!!
    This post describes in nutshell that one who follows others have consumer like mind. On the other hand, a person who lead will be having owner mind.
    Nice description!!

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    1. I would add that leveraging is not simply a matter of follower / leader. Leveraging is about one’s mindset. Because there are lots of leaders who are driven by a consumer way of thinking and being.


  2. I have been commenting your blog by using my address … wordpress/mikerana … but I have changed this email address and my site. So if you want to receive further my comments it is better that you register with mikerana.com … the new site. on the extreme right.

    otherwise we will lose each other …

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  3. You made a lot of great points especially discussing the importance of which type of mindset you want owner or consumer. I’ll have to listen to your podcast.

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