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“Everything Happens For A Reason”…?

When people’s external reality is defined by having more questions than answers and more problems than solutions, they sometimes find comfort and reassurance by telling themselves, “Everything happens for a reason.” Having this mindset makes it easier for some people to deal with chaos and crises.

In this episode of The Mindfullness Show, I discuss the importance of taking ownership of your actions by taking responsibility. You are responsible for YOU. And only through personal responsibility can you: (1) claim what you really want; (2) chart a path toward your goals; and (3) experience life’s best.

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8 thoughts on ““Everything Happens For A Reason”…?

  1. I used to feel things happen for a reason, than I realized I was the reason. I found for me moving at the speed of light was part of the reason things happened. Life is a journey, and with any journey if you travel to fast its hard to see the scenery. Happiness is a journey not a destination. I enjoy your positive outlook and your ability to communicate in a way that causes me to think.

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  2. Everything happens for a reason, but the hardest thing is to point the right reason, why something is happening. It’s so easy to blame anything without taking an effort to find out what and why happened
    Take care and have a nice day.

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