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“Fat Piece of Shit”

Without offering context, do you know what I am talking about or to whom I am referring? 

Does the statement “Fat piece of shit” offend your sensibilities? If so, then why? You have yet to know the context. Are you even interested in knowing the context? Or have you tuned out? Perhaps you are in that mental place that does not allow you to seek clarity. What does that say about you? 

On a mild spring day in April 1995 in Huntsville, Alabama, I was sitting and relaxing in the boys dormitory lobby engaging in conversation with five-to-six freshmen guys. There were also smaller and sizable pockets of intermittent chatter throughout the lobby. The guys and I were probably talking about the beautiful ladies on our college campus. At one point in the conversation, and in pure innocent exhilaration, I yelled out “Damn!”

In an instant, the large and unremarkably-adorned reception area became deafly silent. All conversations came to an abrupt stop and all eyes were turned toward me—some with deathly stares—as if I had committed the unpardonable sin. The eternal silence was at last broken by a familiar authoritative voice that inquired, “What did you say?” 

He demanded to know. And like an innocent child at a zoo wanting to touch and cuddle that big, brown, nine-feet tall fuzzy looking animal that resembles his teddy bear, I politely answered the question with another utterance of, “Damn.” Hands that were once gesturing freely became frozen in their places, and those that managed to break free from the nervous tension that saturated the air, covered their mouths in an attempt to hush their judgmental audible gasps.  

But an iniquitous act had been committed in the presence of witnesses and the offender needed a stern reminder that such offenses were not tolerated on a Christian campus. The authoritative voice—the resident dean—stood over me like an executioner at a chopping block. But the look of surprise on my face, like a contagious virus, quickly spread to his comely countenance, compelling him to ask another question.

“Do you know why everyone reacted the way they did?” he asked. “No sir,” I responded. 

To Be Continued…

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47 thoughts on ““Fat Piece of Shit”

  1. Over the word Damn? wow sounds like a place I could liberalize, with some liberal use of swear words, “damn” would be the least of their worries, lol! not that i went but at the bible collage down the street the motto was “City women are for fucking”

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  2. Hi Josiah,
    I notice a lot of feedback but no one answered your questions at the beginning of your post, so if you don’t mind I would like to.
    Yes that statement did offend me, because I find myself using profanity as words of intensity so that when I am communicating I am not misunderstood. I don’t like that part of how I over communicate so I have actively been trying to get those type of words out of my vocabulary.
    I think that context with this statement doesn’t really matter to me because if your describing a person, place, or thing shit doesn’t interest me.
    Yes I did tune out, but because you have caused me to think with some of your other posts I did force myself to scan the balance of your post.
    I have been a student of self for many years and what works for me is not seeking clarity on ever issue that enters my mind through my eyes or ears. I don’t beleive I have a right to stop all profane statements but I do beleive I have a right to limit my exposure to them.
    I think what it says about me is that I realize I am only a small part of this world and as a small part of this world I can’t expect the world to stop offending me, or should I expect the world to change so I’m not offended.
    Lastly I have found in my life the things that offend me the most usually reside within me thats why I can see them so clearly in others.

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    1. Hi Rich / Darla! I appreciate your thoughtful response. I will use Part II of this piece, which comes out tomorrow, as a response to your feedback. Thanks for pushing the conversation forward.


  3. Look you’ve had me smiling and laughing out loud over your title and I haven’t even read your post yet. I will now read and hope I can stop giggling enough to take in whatever it is you are going to say. You have me intrigued! 😁

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    1. Lol…part ii actually happened on accident. I was reading an article that listed recommendations relating to the ideal length of a blog post, and I thought to add a part ii rather than have a lengthy single post. So that’s the backstory. Now, I have to make sure I deliver the goods on tomorrow.

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      1. Lol, I know right? I’ve been trying to do the same thing with making my post shorter, so I try not to have over 1000 words. But I actually love the part II series, it gives people something to look forward to and make them want more. Keeps them engaged, I may try that…lol. I know you’ll deliver the good, you’re a great writer – so you got this.

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      2. 1,000 words…wow! I take my hat off to you. I try to stay somewhere around the 400-500 mark. And yes, part ii series can keep readers looking forward to more. So we shall see.

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