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The Biggest Mistake Ever

What is the biggest mistake you have ever made? And in what ways has that mistake impacted your life? Perhaps your biggest mistake was entering or staying in that relationship—you know, that one. You ignored your gut instinct and settled for him or her knowing that this individual was a complete and total loser, and a child or two may have come out of that relationship. Maybe your biggest mistake was accumulating massive credit card debt, which now poses the impossible task of climbing out of that deep hole.

For many, their biggest mistake was trying to avoid making mistakes, which inevitably led to a series of mistakes. Maybe your biggest mistake was that you were a bit careless and discovered you were pregnant and years later you are still thinking about the abortion. Perhaps your biggest mistake was after some years of sobriety, you relapsed into that harmful habit. It could be that your biggest mistake was not realizing how precious life is.

In this episode of The Mindfullness Show, I discuss what people often deem to be their biggest mistake is far from being their biggest mistake. Feelings of guilt, regret, sadness and loss often compound what a person perceives to be the consequences of that mistake. What if I told you that there is a way to avoid committing the biggest mistake of your life? So, what is this “biggest” mistake to which Josiah is referring? Tune in to this episode of The Mindfullness Show if you would like to learn more.

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20 thoughts on “The Biggest Mistake Ever

  1. it’s a toss up between realizing my biggest mistake is a catch 22 or the situation that actually lead to the catch 22 realization haha i think i might have been happier before realizing it was a catch 22 to begin with

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  2. The biggest mistake is to ignore all what you have mention, especially having kids and getting debts with the wrong persons. Also, breaking the law… thing like that ruin your life for ever.

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  3. There is only one truly wrong mistake. It’s the time we spend not doing what we should be doing. Actually there are many others but that one is mine. I own that one.

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  4. Very insightful podcast. I like the way you are thinking. I usually avoid motivational speeches, but I listened this one. My take on mistakes, biggest mistakes, is that people make them a lot, but as you pointed out, we need ability to learn from our mistakes. One friend once said to me: It’s not about how much you read, but what have you learned from reading. Keep up the good work. I enjoyed this post.

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    1. Thank you for tuning in to the show. I view my work as getting a person “to think” more so than motivating a person “to do.” And as you suggested, life is about learning, growing and becoming better.

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  5. my biggest mistake was believing that my family consisted of my friends, when in truth, some of them were the worst people to have around! Letting go of sibling friendship has done me wonders recently. No more weight!

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