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You Are Right

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

It does not matter what you believe. Whatever you believe to be true, well, you are right. If you believe you are the master of your own fate and have the ability to influence, direct and control the direction of your life, then you are right. If you believe life is bounded together by a series of inescapable chances over which you have no control, then you are right.  

If you believe your life is a meaningless conglomeration of failed opportunities and shattered hopes and dreams, then you are right. If you believe you are cursed and will never escape life’s struggles, then you are right. If you believe that no matter how hard you try, you will always come up short, then you are right.

If you believe a capricious and malevolent cosmic being is the source of all your troubles, then you are right. If you believe a good and all-powerful God has shaped a plan for your life, and is quite able to carry it out, then you are right. 

Tweet this twitter-312464_1280: “There is no beauty that is attractive without happiness.” -Christian Dior

If you believe happiness is a choice, then you are right. If you believe your life will be defined by unparalleled success, then you are right. If you believe you are equipped with the requisite gift, talent and ability to bring your most cherished dreams and desires to fruition, then you are right. 

Whatever you believe, whatever you accept as true—you are right.

In this episode of The Mindfullness Show, Josiah discusses that in order to reach one’s full potential, it necessitates experiencing a paradigm shift. One of the biggest hindrances to achieving success is that people are pursuing success with the wrong mindset; hence, their less than positive success outcomes. If you change your mindset, you will change your life! To learn more about paradigm shift, tune in to this episode. 

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24 thoughts on “You Are Right

    1. Okay, this might sound kinda weird, but I just happened to pause a video and take a peek on WP to make sure I was up-to-date with responding to comments on my posts. Guess what video I was watching? “A CLOSER BOOK 58 – 60” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jNUrKSDTBE). No kidding! I was on the part where you were talking about Seth Godin’s book ,The Icarus Deception. I was interested in your analysis since I also wrote about the topic in one of my books, which I plan to update and rerelease.


    2. Yes, “Change your mindset, and you will change your life.” Thanks for listening. You know, for a second, I thought about asking you to leave a review on iTunes, then I remembered that you are one tough professional reviewer and critic, and I would be nervous about what you might say and the rating you would leave. 🤔 And I certainly do not want anything less than a five-star, which you are not fond of giving out. 😁 So, I withhold my request. 🙃

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    1. Thank you, Ms. Vee! The podcast goes more in-depth. I often respond to questions in details as well. I hope you enjoy. And once you do listen, please leave a review on iTunes. 🙂


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