Paradigm Shift

Motivation Is NOT What You Need

There is no doubt that motivation is invaluable as it relates to goal setting, increased productivity, and the pursuit of success. If you lack enthusiasm for your life, motivation often serves as the inspiration to realign your focus. Motivation is the impetus that helps you overcome challenges and keeps you going when you feel like throwing in the towel. 

Motivation is also a fickle phenomenon in that it can lure the unsuspecting into a false sense of accomplishment. Motivation can easily become the crutch people rely on to excuse poor decision-making and unhealthy habits. While motivation can push you toward goal achievement, motivation is unreliable since it is tied to one’s emotions. 

Motivation is what you need to get started, but what you need to continue going is a paradigm shift, i.e., a change of mindset. In order to experience the highest levels of success and grow into the best version of you, it necessitates that you: (1) Believe before you see the results; (2) Speak your actions into existence; (3) Take action before there is any proof that your action will work out; (4). Live and experience the moment before the moment comes to pass.

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19 thoughts on “Motivation Is NOT What You Need

  1. Hi..Mr.Josiah harry.. Dis is MirayaJune.I start my blog writing work from June 2017.After 2 ..3.. post..I m so glad to see that You see and like my FIRST STEP post..From that I believed that I made a good start up , that make to write more.And I want you to give suggestion for my post and want to understand more and develop myself. And I read all your post..Its make me really to feel my inner happieness… Waiting for your Reply Sir… : ) : ) : )

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