Paradigm Shift

Your Moment Is Coming

Your moment with success is coming. Your day will come, but it will arrive the way you imagined if you do not take that first step. Your day will not come if you quit. Your day is coming, but it will be underwhelming if all you do is talk about what you plan to do.

To be honest, no one cares that you have great ideas. No one gives a damn that you wake up every morning with success on your mind. Talking about success will not make you successful. Being excited and motivated about winning is not enough to ensure your victory. 

Success is binary. That is, you either accomplish your goals, or you do not. And achieving your goals necessitates action. Success involves effort—executing, innovating, learning, iterating, and adapting. Your creative potential will remain at rest if all you do is plan, wish, hope, and pray. Without action, nothing happens.

Make a decision today and take actionable steps to bring your great ideas to fruition. You would do well to remember that life’s best opportunities only come knocking once and only appear to those who are ready to embrace them. So strike the iron while the fire is still hot. Take advantage of opportunities in the lifetime of those opportunities. Because once they are gone, they are gone forever. 

See you in a few weeks (I have a novel to work on). 👋🏽 ✌🏽


31 thoughts on “Your Moment Is Coming

  1. That’s pretty scary that opportunity only knocks once but it’s true. If you don’t respond, even if another chance comes, you, too, would be different so take advantage of this one chance, today, to do the thing you want.
    FYI. I am writing today. I am intent on finishing this project. thanks for the inspiration to continue.

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  2. While I appreciate the sentiment you are espousing, I’m not sure about the comment about success being binary for two reasons:

    1. “Success” is a subjective assessment. What constitutes success to one, doesn’t necessarily constitute success to another. This cuts both ways, in how we evaluate our own success as well as how we evaluate the success of others. It can also change over time, where what we though was success yesterday doesn’t count today. Success being viewed as binary seems arbitrarily constrained in this contest;

    2. Suggesting that success is binary suggests the destination (our arbitrary individual definition of success) is more important than the journey we took to get there. It also suggests that success is a single destination, a single achievement. If focuses on a single moment, rather than the infinite moments leading up to, and proceeding it.

    I don’t want to detract from your inspirational message, but I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve had many successes, as well as failures. Despite the fact I may not have achieved all I want to, that doesn’t mean everything I have achieved is without value. i keep pushing for new achievements, but I also take great satisfaction from those I have already achieved. Am I successful? I guess that depends on how you define it. 🙂

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    1. While success might be “relative,” it is always “objective” to the individual. That is why we set goals. In life, you win or lose. You are successful or you are not. You, yourself, said: “I’ve had many successes, as well as failures.” You did not say, “I’ve had close encounters with success or failure.” You were able to arrive at your conclusion because you took time to define what success meant and means to you. Your statement was definitive. Success, likewise, is definitive.

      It does not matter how success is parsed or deconstructed. When success is reduced to its simplest form, there remain only two relevant identifiers, and those are: success or lack of success. People create gray areas of success to give themselves hope that the journey to success will eventually lead to success. But working toward success is not success. “Pushing for new achievements” is admirable, but that does not mean you are becoming successful or will be successful.

      Lastly, because something is binary, that does not make it limited or limiting, or singular. Think light and darkness—one binary concept, yet perpetually nuanced.

      Thanks for pushing the conversation forward.

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      1. Please forgive my pedantic nature:

        “it is always ‘objective’ to the individual” is logically incorrect. If reality differs between individual, that is the definition of subjective. Objective either is or isn’t regardless of who or what is viewing it. My point was that even what you call success today is likely to change over time. Something that might have seemed very important once, may have no value tomorrow. This happens as you get older and as you experience major life events. For me, the moment I held my first born son in my arms – my definition of success, my goals, my dreams all changed in an instant.

        “Lastly, because something is binary, that does not make it limited or limiting, or singular” – no, it makes it dichotomous either one thing or another; again, that’s the definition binary = limited to two states. “Think light and darkness—one binary concept, yet perpetually nuanced” is also logically incorrect. Lightness and darkness are subjective positions on a scale between the binary “light” and “no-light”.

        Again, I do apologize for the my pedantic, academic leanings. All I was trying to suggest is that while I agree with the sentiment you set forth in your post (you aren’t going to accomplish anything if you don’t do something), I simply wanted to caution your readers that success/failure are not objective. You should absolutely strive to be the best “you” possible – but don’t be so focused on your subjective definitions of success that you miss the journey or punish yourself.


      2. There really is not anything about which to caution my readers. I conveyed a straightforward point, and that is: A person’s actions will determine whether that person wins or loses. Not win, lose, or draw. Success is black and white. No gray areas.

        Telling yourself that there are “inbetween” and “gray” areas relating to success is delusional thinking. Adopting that mentality only works for those who are currently living or planning to live a mediocre and average existence.

        “Almost winning” is not the same as winning. Although success is idiosyncratic, success can also be objectively measured. So it is plausible to say that success is both objective and subjective. Even so, subjective “success” is not subjective when there is evidence that your body of work sucks and the market has not validated your idea(s). The interpretation of the results might be subjective, but the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

        And there really is not any need to apologize for constructing a well-intentioned argument based on your academic training. By the way, I, too, am an academician at the university level. But I much rather keep things simple.


      1. You’re welcome! And you’re right. We’ve got to “speak life”. Don’t overthink, take action one step at a time. Fear will usually be a big hurdle for most people. So, it’s about taking action in the midst of fear, instead of waiting for fear to go away, then taking action.

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    1. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 The choice is ours, isn’t it? 😁 What keeps me motivated is the idea that most of us are one sound idea away from unparalleled success. So let’s do it. Let’s make the rest of our lives the best of our lives!!

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