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You Don’t Get Points For Trying


You don’t get points for trying. “Trying” usually falls within the realm of mediocrity. And mediocre effort is a liability to your success. You win by executing. Execution is worshiped! It is the one success variable you can control. Execution is your leverage. 

It is so easy to fall victim to the mindset that “trying” is enough. It is so easy to convince oneself that all one has to do is “try” and success will come. Well, if attaining success were that easy, then everybody would be winning.


The reality is, many people spend their entire lives “trying” to win, “trying” to reach the top, “trying” to be good enough, often without actually filling the void within themselves. The question now becomes, why was there a void in the first place? And why wasn’t one’s good effort enough to fill that void?

To be honest, my effort, your effort will never be good enough to fill a void that really does not exist. You see, the whole notion of “trying” is BS. Think about it. When you say you are trying, you are often doing so based on society’s expectations of what success supposedly entails. If you buy into society’s assumptions relating to success and the idea of winning, then it is easy to see why “trying” is often not enough.


On the other hand, if you frame your reality based on the mindset that you ARE enough, then no longer will the focus be on your attempt or effort to accomplish a task or your dream. Think about it. A hummingbird pales in comparison to an eagle. Yet still, the hummingbird does not ask itself, am I good enough—are my efforts enough? It simply is! 

Likewise, no two people are alike. Your attempts at “trying” to be what you are not can only take you so far. Becoming the best version of you begins with accepting ALL of you. When you make a decision to BE the authentic you, it is at that moment you will free up your creative energy and stretch beyond the limits of your creative endurance.

In doing so, you will fulfill the highest expression of self and experience true happiness.



35 thoughts on “You Don’t Get Points For Trying

      1. Good to know you’re okay. Things are fine here, and I’m building my coaching blog week by week… Hope that novel goes well! Are you publishing it yourself or do you have a ‘deal’ (hey, wouldn’t that be great either way!)? Look forward to reading more of your posts, and keep smiling! Be in touch, and I will be too…

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      2. Looks like that’s the way to do it! Based on how much you seem to love your work and how much you put into it, I’m sure whichever course on publishing you take will work. Some people do really well publishing themselves and not touching the big guys. Remember, if they come to you, it’s them that are getting the favours… 🙂 Having said that, the coach in me says have your dream – then set performance goals so that step by step you get there by being the best you can be. That means you win whether you achieve your exact dream or you don’t, because you’ve achieved what’s within your power to achieve. Anyhow, happy writing! And I hope it goes really well…

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  1. Brilliant as always. I a huge fan of your posts. This year I’ve been developing my authentic self, realising that I am enough and that it’s ok not to please everyone. It’s a work in progress, old habits die hard, but I’m not quitting the process.

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