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Alabama Voters Head To The Polls

Alabama is back in the news, and of course, it is not for anything clearly and demonstrably positive. On December 12, in this state, where I am registered to vote, voters will go to the polls to fill the Senate seat left vacant by former Alabama Senator and current US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

The two leading candidates are Roy Moore and Doug Jones. For some, voting for their candidate is an easy decision. For others, it is a difficult decision because history has taught people of color that the enemy of our enemy is not necessarily our friend.

Doug Jones appears to be a good man and has been described as a moderate Democrat, which in the South, basically means a Republican who does not always work alongside the conservative party elders.

Roy Moore is a political evangelist and dyed-in-the-wool conservative bulwark of Alabama whose worldview harkens back to the good ol’ days when secular Whites and White Evangelical Christians openly participated in the systematic extermination of Blacks.

As one who feels disconnected from the US political system and the two major political parties, I cannot say with any degree of conviction that I am impressed with either candidate.

The many allegations brought against Roy Moore cannot be ignored. I do, however, recognize in the court of public opinion, Roy Moore not only stands accused, but also is guilty; therefore, disqualifying him for public office. Even so, in a court of law, until allegations can be proven, they remain merely assertions. It should likewise be noted that because allegations are not proven (not substantiated), does not mean they are false.

The fact also remains that whether an allegation merits prosecution should be determined through a fact-finding process. Sadly and too often, people are quick to rush to judgment, declaring a person’s guilt or innocence before the facts are known, the evidence is assessed, and a proper determination is made through legal and lawful proceedings.

Alabama voters have a decision to make. While this special election, for many, boils down to the values of the candidates and the good virtues of working-class Alabamians, some questions still linger. In what ways will the outcome of this senate race change the image and character of Alabama? Who stands to gain from continuing battles over jobs, taxes, health care reform and environmental regulations—the citizens of Alabama, lobbyists, or the state power brokers?


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6 thoughts on “Alabama Voters Head To The Polls

  1. Morally Roy Moore is unacceptable, all others who have been accused, in my opinion of lesser crimes have been ousted. Beside, the tax cuts proposed by the President will devastate the majority of the people of Alabama and the devastation does not know race. Moore does not have an agenda, he just wants to impose his sickness which does not benefit the people of Alabama.

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  2. I don’t know about you, Josiah, but I am sick & tired of having to vote not for the best candidate but for the lesser of two evils. I’m an outsider but not by much; I live in Tennessee and spent many summers of my youth on my grandparents’ farm in Argo, AL. If I lived there, I’d vote for Jones because any other vote is a vote for Moore, who I considered to be unacceptable long before the recent allegations came out.

    Good luck!


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  3. Thanks for sharing your insider’s viewpoint. And, thank you for voting. I’m an interested bystander, living and voting in a distant state. When I tried researching Doug Jones, I learned that he hasn’t held public office, only entered the race six months ago, and that he is a former US attorney. That’s not much to get enthused about in a political contest. To Doug Jones’ credit, I believe that he must have had one of those…if not me then who moments…and decided to do more than just cast a vote in today’s election. I think Doug Jones deserves a lot of credit and support for his decision to get back into the public arena. At this point in the process, I’m not going to waste words on his opponent.

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    1. I certainly wasn’t enthused about voting this morning. I read and heard lots of promises made by both candidates. But I don’t see a clear picture of how either candidate will help the people of Alabama in the long term.


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