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Master of Your Fate

Because you are the master of your fate, you can be anything you want. You can accomplish anything you want.

What do you want? Happiness? Wealth? Success? Adventure? Well, becoming or achieving anything you want in life begins in the mind. Your thoughts, whatever they consist of, always transmute into their physical equivalence. 

That is, if you think positive thoughts, you are likely to experience positive outcomes. The converse is also true. If your dominating thoughts are negative, then you will inevitably experience negative results. All of your successes and failures have their root in what you accept to be true—whatever you believe in your mind. 

Whenever someone asks me if I have ever been surprised by a particular success, my answer is always, no. I am not caught off guard by personal or professional achievements because in my mind, I expect to win—I expect to be successful. This does not mean every activity I engage in will be fruitful, Even so, I expect every endeavor to be fruitful. 

The message of this post is simple. If you expect to win in life, you will win in life. If pessimism, uncertainty, and doubt are the dominating forces of your mind, then those thoughts will transform themselves into liabilities that will derail your best-laid plans.

I imagine someone saying to him or herself, “Well, achieving success is not that simple.” And you are right. Whatever you accept as true will materialize into your reality. Whatever you think about all the time, you will attract into your life. So if you believe success, happiness, and abundance are not readily accessible, then your reality will be defined by lack and scarcity. 

Achieving remarkable success demands singleness of thought. Success necessitates adopting a mindset that holds the belief that it can be done, whatever it is. A positive mental attitude is something you must demand of yourself every day. A positive mental attitude is a way of thinking and being that cannot be overstated. You must fix this idea in your conscious mind.

You are the master of your fate. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to impress them on your mind and follow up with a definite plan of action.  



6 thoughts on “Master of Your Fate

  1. Very true! I see that in my own life. Everything that I believed strongly would happen even from zero, has not just happened but it’s been just great. I actually do better than I would have intended initially. Anything that I want but still harbor doubts in my head, just does not happen. Taming and eventually getting rid of that self doubt is a very important exercise.

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