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What’s Standing in the Way of Reaching Your Goals?

What’s really standing in the way of reaching your goals? Money? Fear? Doubt? Time? Loss of desire?

What if I told you that the thing standing in your way is not the problem? The obstacle, in almost every case, is usually not the problem. Take for example, Mt. Everest. What do you know about this mountainthe mountain of all mountains?  The way you view Mt. Everest depends on what group you find yourself in. 

In the first group, the thoughts that enter into their minds when they think about Mt. Everest are: The Death Zone, Altitude Sickness, Deep Crevasses, Horrible Falls, Freezing to Death. The individuals in the second group have a totally different perspective. When they consider Mt. Everest, they imagine: Freedom, Beauty, Adventure, Opportunity, Fulfillment, Once In A Lifetime.

Even though there is no right or wrong way to pursue success, there are certain universal principles that, if followed, will facilitate a reality defined by happiness, wealth, health, abundance, and adventure. Here’s the point you should not miss. Whatever you look for is what you can expect to find. 

I write and talk about adventure, success, wealth, health, and happiness because I expect to experience those things and I am experiencing each in varying degrees. It does not matter what my situation is, I have trained my mind to only focus on the positive, on growth, and on becoming better every day. 

So, what’s really standing in the way of reaching your goals? It’s actually rather simple. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. That is, your mindset drives your actions and emotions. A successful ascent of Mt. Everest begins in the mind. Climbers who have successfully scaled Mt. Everest first envisioned themselves successfully climbing the mountain in their minds.  

The reality is, we all have obstacles to overcome. The focus, however, should not be on the obstacles. The focus should be on devising ways to best approach the obstacles and implementing actionable strategies to overcome those obstacles. Remember, you must see success in your mind before you can achieve it.  


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7 thoughts on “What’s Standing in the Way of Reaching Your Goals?

    1. Thanks for sharing. Based on what you’ve shared, moving forward begins by focusing on the solution(s), not the problems. Remember, where your focus goes, your energy flows. If you are stuck in a wilderness in the dead of winter, focusing on the cold will not bring warmth. Every ounce of energy should be devoted to getting a fire started and staying warm.


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