Personal Development

Getting Over The Hump

How do you pull yourself out when you get stuck in a rut? How do you scale that impossibly high obstacle when you have nothing left with which to fight? How do you continue working on that project when you run out of ideas? How do you push through the stoppage and keep the momentum going when you are burnt-out? 

At some point or another, you will come to a full stop. You will come to a place where nothing seems to be working in your favor and everything seems to be conspiring against you. Your effort will appear to be futile. But that’s stating the obvious though, isn’t it? The converse is also true in that it is what you do next that will determine the success outcomes you experience. 

You would do well to remember that feeling stuck is a FEELING, it is not a fact. When it’s time for my family to eat, my wife and children do not want to hear that I don’t feel like going hunting. Regardless of how I feel, I have to man-up, leave the cave, and be sure I return back to the cave with a kill large enough to feed everyone. 

Because I know my WHY, which is making sure my family has access to life’s best amenities, I do not allow the humps, bumps, difficulties, or setbacks to thwart my master plan. Trust me, I’m no superman. There are times when I feel like shit and have to hit the reset button. But my WHY keeps me going. Thinking about my WHY gives me renewed energy and resolve. 

When you take time to examine this phenomenon called life, it is not that complicated. Here’s what I am saying. You cannot work your way to becoming a world-class boxer and not expect to get hit (unless you’re Floyd Mayweather). If you decide to step into the ring, then you should expect to get hit in the mouth a few times. Getting smacked comes with the territory. Life operates by similar principles. 

So, what is your WHY? If you know the answer to that question, then there isn’t any hump you won’t be able to surmount. 

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