Paradigm Shift

You Have To Give Up Something

What is the one consuming desire of your life? What is that ONE thing you are determined to have? Are you willing to stake your entire future to get it? And are you willing to put everything else second while you pursue that idea? Your answer to the last question could determine the level of success you experience. Here is why. 

Every successful person who has ever lived made it by making tremendous sacrifices. Here is my thesis. If you want to experience more in your life— genuine happiness, meaningful relationships, financial security, and comfort—you MUST be willing to give up something. 

What a person decides to give up, however, will be based on that individual’s risk tolerance and discomfort threshold. The bottom line is, if you are playing to win, and win big, then something or someone will have to come in second—at least for a period of time. The reality is, every success decision has an opportunity cost. There’s always a tradeoff. 

That tradeoff could mean you might not be able to make it to your children’s sporting events. Dinner dates with your spouse or partner—well—you might have to plan those dates around your success initiatives. I generally do not accept phone calls, respond to text messages, or hold meetings in the morning because that is the time I use to organize my thoughts, exercise, plan my day, and conduct research. 

Are there opportunities I could be passing up by not taking calls, etc., ante meridiem? Yes, I would say so. But that is the tradeoff I have made, and I must be willing to live with the outcomes. 

What about balance? Well, I am glad you asked. If by balance, you mean equal, then there is no such thing as living a balanced life. It’s a fantastical idea at best; therefore, you would be wise to perish that thought. Life is dynamic, and so is the pursuit of success. This means that some goals or opportunities will have to take a back seat while you engage that ONE dominating obsession of your life.  

The bottom line is, success has a price. Everyone makes a tradeoff. If you have a burning desire to achieve a goal, then you must make peace with the decision to give up something in order to realize that goal.

Upcoming post: “Top 10 Takeaways From 2017”



18 thoughts on “You Have To Give Up Something

  1. Then you look at what is success. I was unsuccessful as a high school grad, my classmates did so much more. Yet, I have two sons who may change the world someday.
    However, am also looking at the success of other parts in life. Good post.

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  2. You were on point with this blog.
    To make it big, sometimes you have to take a big risk.
    In life, big risks are scary because we usually fear what we don’t know
    I like your point of view and thank you sharing and keep up the good work


  3. Which is why we have to take a serious, deep look at what we really would consider a success in our lives. Too much emphasis on success can ruin the voyage of life…


    1. I think there isn’t enough emphasis on success. Many people struggle through life because they treat personal success as a part-time initiative. Whatever a person aspires to be should be prioritized daily.


  4. Excellent advice. Too many people believe they can have great success with lukewarm investments. This is as true for business as it is for personal relationships with others.

    Do you mind if I republish this at with a link to your original? If yes, feel free to shoot me a short bio and pic for the about the author section. Thanks!

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    1. Indeed! “Lukewarm investments” in any area of one’s life yield mediocre returns. Phenomenal success demands phenomenal desire, discipline, and effort. And yes, you may republish this post with the appropriate attribution.

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      1. Exactly! So many people don’t seem to understand that. They believe if they do a little dabbling, luck will find them. Not saying that never happens, but not often enough to make it anyone’s default strategy!

        I’ll let you know when it’s scheduled at Alexis Chateau PR. Thanks! ^_^

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