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Why Not Create Your Own

Were you aware that self-employed individuals accounted for >10% of the national workforce? If you include the workers they hire, then that number would jump to 30%. Freelancers along with full-time independent workers earn significantly more than the national salary. So why aren’t more people taking advantage of the opportunity to work for themselves?

Why sit around and wait for someone else to define your success or how much money you make? Why are so many people settling for the short game of doing just enough not to feel guilty? 

Perhaps, what I should be asking is: What vision do you have for your future? That is a question that is often discussed in my home. I encourage my children to pursue their hearts’ desires— to try different things until they: (1) find their niche; and (2) find the gap(s) that exists in the market. 

Once they find the gaps that exist in the market, their sole priority is to explore ways to add value to that space. If you really think about it, success comes down to trial and error. It involves the willingness to experiment with different ideas in a determined manner. 

reservedThe key, ladies and gentlemen, is to try. Bet on yourself. You’ll never experience your true capacity for success if you don’t take a chance on yourself. So what if the first ten things you try do not work out? Well, you move on to success initiative number eleven, then twelve, and so forth. 

On yesterday, 27-year old Caroline Wozniack won the Australian Open. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, Wozniack won the title, her first, after 43 grand slam appearances. From the time she turned pro, it would take her twelve years to capture her first grand slam title. What if she’d quit the game of tennis after her 42nd attempt? She would have never known what it’s like to taste the sweet nectar of victory.

When I decided to become a consultant and work for myself, I understood the uncertainty and risks doing so would entail. I knew I would be cutting my income to a negligible amount initially. But I had (and have) a vision for my future. My desire to experience the freedom of time was greater than my desire to work a 9-5 job. 

For many, creating your own could mean giving up the “security” of a stable income. Although the idea of “job security” is an illusion meant to domesticate the consumer. Anyway, I digressed. For others, creating your own might involve the loss of occupational status. Nonetheless, in order to win at the highest levels, you must come to terms with failure and loss. Once you understand failure is not permanent, you will be able to overcome any obstacle.  

I’ll simply end by saying that whatever you decide to do with your life, be sure you are treating yourself kindly—as the phenomenal person you are. Resolve to improve every facet of your life daily. You deserve to experience life’s best! 



9 thoughts on “Why Not Create Your Own

  1. I read this and I could identify with it truly and while heartedly. I have been in and out of jobs since graduating from school searching for my niche and what makes me happy, but to no avail, I am still not satisfied. I rather bet on myself, than to tip-toe around someone else to insure they pay me. While I know this in my heart, I am scared to take that leap. Because I do not know what may come, the disillusioned idea of security in the job market causes me to feel that I must do as the mass and get a “job.” Your blog has helped me solidify my decision to say “F-it,” quit my job and follow my dreams. Thank you.

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    1. Jahnasia, the fact you desire to win means half the battle has already been won. There isn’t anything like investing in oneself and building one’s brand. The alternative is to have someone else control how much we earn and what we do with our time. Good luck to you on your venture on becoming the brand you were meant to be! #AllIn #BePhenomenal

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