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Success Will Come To You When You Are Ready For It

All success begins in the form of thought. And the amount of success one experiences is limited only by the person in whose mind the thought of success is acted upon.

Think of your mind as a fertile garden. It will grow anything you desire to plant. If you do not plant the seeds of success daily, then the weeds of failure, doubt, fear, and regret will grow and mature in success’ place. 

Here’s the heart of the matter. No one is ready for success unless that person believes s/he can acquire it. Success will only come to you when you are ready to receive it. 

Everyone hopes to be in good physical shape, but how many people are actually exercising daily and adhering to a healthy diet? There are many who wish for happiness in their relationships, but what are those individuals actually doing to attract and sustain high levels of happiness? Lots of bloggers want to become professional writers, but how many are actively exploring opportunities, whether through professional coaching, development, or networking, to become established brands and household names? 

Hoping and wishing for success is not enough to attract success. Success comes only to those who desire it. In other words, you have to fill your mind so completely with a desire for success that the very Universe will act in your favor and usher success into your life. 

stay readyDesire is the activation energy or catalyst that will lead to you becoming an unstoppable force. Your desire, however, has to be equally matched with a well-thought-of and actionable plan. That is, you must commit to discipline and put in the work—daily! Your desire to succeed has to be renewed every day in order to build and sustain momentum. And you must commit to iterating and adapting until your plan yields the desired success outcomes.

Keep in mind also that your plan for success can come in any form. It might be a one-word inspiration that gives you your next big idea. It could be something you see on social media the sparks your “aha” moment. It might be an idea you come across in a book. Whatever the idea is, be sure to act on that idea as soon as you receive it.  

So let’s recap. First, remember, success begins in the mind. Secondly, you must have a burning desire to succeed. Thirdly, your desire must be followed by a practical and detailed plan. Fourthly, your plan should be reduced to writing, which is the first step in transmuting an idea into its monetary equivalent. 

How badly do you want to succeed? Do you want to succeed as badly as want to breathe? If not, then it might mean going back to the drawing table in order to determine what gets your juices flowing. Stop for a moment and consider what gets you excited as it relates to success? What turns you on?  

Guys, you cannot afford to have another less-than-stellar year. You cannot afford to live another moment without experiencing the phenomenal life that’s meant to be yours. You can’t go on living from year-to-year recycling old setbacks and difficulties. You deserve to experience some reward for your pain and sacrifice. You deserve to thrive. You deserve to be wealthy. You deserve to be happy.

The path to success is yours to carve out.  The formula for success exists. The blanks just need to be filled in with a burning desire, an unshakeable resolve, and an untiring determination. 



13 thoughts on “Success Will Come To You When You Are Ready For It

  1. Great post Josiah. I was working on Vision Boards this week with co-workers and have just shared your post with them as it speaks so clearly to the work we were doing.

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