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Book Release!! “Choose Love Not Hate”

About the Book

The thesis of this book is simple, and that is: Although hate is a disease from which no one is immune, each person has the volitional capacity to choose love. Genuine love—unconditional love—is choosing to look into each other’s hearts and imagining the best ways to practice compassion, then going the extra mile to fulfill the need.

Choosing to love others grows out of self-love. We should treat everyone with dignity and kindness, not because they deserve such treatment, but because we deserve to experience the freedom that comes with the knowledge of having done the right thing. We cannot determine what life throws at us, the good or bad, even so, we can always choose how we respond to the things we cannot control.

This book takes a semi-historical, yet comprehensive approach into the ethical and moral consequences of hate, indifference, and social intolerance. This book also examines why intolerance of difference is not only self-defeating but also detrimental to the ideals of liberal democracies. This book reveals that if hate is left to run its course, it can poison a nation’s moral climate and threaten its collective identity.

The author of this book contends that without the compass of love and tolerance guiding humanity’s collective spirit, we could find ourselves floundering in a world where hate and intolerance are the norms; hence, the necessity of creating a world where the highest valued currency is LOVE.

When one truly loves, there cannot be any space in that person’s life for racism, classism, tribalism, or elitism. Competition, contention, hate, violence, and indifference cannot co-exist in the heart that is filled with love.

Let us therefore work together to create a more peaceful world based on an economy of love where we choose diversity over division, hope over despair, and compassion over indifference.

Please help me get this book into every school, library, and home and spread the message of LOVE to make the world a better place. 

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