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My Daughters: A Case Study

Hey guys, I would like to send out a BIG “thank you” to all of you for being a part my community and helping me become better at my craft. Just in case you missed this all-important announcement, I recently published a book titled Choose Love Not Hate, and it would mean the world to me if you grabbed a copy or two.😊 If you would like to get a signed book, then you can click here. I am genuinely grateful for your support.❤️🙏🏽

So many people go through life hoping, wishing, and praying for favorable breaks. What many of these individuals don’t realize is that while one might have the good fortune of experiencing a favorable break, the best plan for achieving success is NOT to depend on luck. 

For most people, favorable breaks are the result of devoting themselves to the opportunities that are before them. Very few people find success in their first go-around. It takes time for success to mature into extraordinary outcomes. On the way to experiencing phenomenal growth in one’s relationships, finances, and career, one has to survive a host of obstacles, setbacks, disappointment, discouragement, criticism, and temporary defeat. 

In case you were wondering, success and fortune favor the risk takers and enterprising—those who are willing to defy the status quo, cut through the noise, and bet on themselves. And this is where the story of my daughters’ journey to success begins. One year ago, after having our usual mastermind session, my twin daughters decided to challenge themselves and implement what we had discussed.

One of the ideas my twins decided to explore was digital art—an entirely brand new endeavor for which they had no formal or technical training. Even so, less than a year after betting on themselves, they now draw for celebrities. In addition to drawing, they recently launched their own show, which is on iTunes and YouTube.  


Here’s the heart of the matter. It is not enough to desire success. It is also not enough to have a plan relating to success. If you want to experience favorable breaks, you must put your imagination to work and execute on the idea that comes to mind with urgent alacrity and swifticity—immediately. The universe will throw its support on the side of the person who knows exactly what she or he wants—if that person is determined to get just that.

My daughters did not wait until they’d figured out all that digital art entailed before they got started. Once the idea came to their minds, they executed on the plan right away. And as a witness, I can tell you at no time did they imagine that in less than a year notable celebrities would be requesting their services. Because they executed on one idea, they have now begun creating an ecosystem around their brands and have even incorporated their younger sister into the mix, where she now produces and edits their show

Success favors the bold, not the brightest or the best. In most instances, a sound idea coupled with hard work trumps talent. Take for example, there are many artists who are more skilled than my daughters, but their talent is of little consequence since they are not putting that skill to work.  

You have a great idea you’ve been sitting on and the world is ready to receive it. It is time to rise to the occasion and soar like an eagle. Do not allow the busyness of your life to frustrate your heart’s desires and prevent your dreams from materializing into their physical or monetary equivalent. You deserve more—more happiness, better relationships, a sound mind, a healthier body, more money—plain and simple. 



6 thoughts on “My Daughters: A Case Study

  1. I loved this. It’s often a question of just getting off one’s butt and doing. Congratulations to your daughters, I can imagine the satisfaction they’re giving you 🙂

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