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None of Us Can Escape…

Although no one can escape the busyness of life, we can pursue our dreams and maximize the opportunities that exist within the 24 hours given to all of us. 

There is no excuse for living a shitty mediocre life. There simply isn’t any reason why anyone should be living life beneath his or her privilege. Every person with normal mental and physical functioning, regardless of that person’s background or present situational context, can develop the requisite skills and qualities needed to blossom and thrive.

Your dreams can become a reality if you so desire, but you must expect, plan, and demand from life what it is you wish for. To win at any level, you must take a break from the busyness of your life to bring out the best in yourself. That’s my thesis!

20150727-Whats-stopping-youEver since I can remember, I dreamt of having the freedom of time to live my life the way I chose to. As I grew into adulthood, I allowed the busyness of life to numb my senses to my heart’s desires. I acquiesced to the ebb and flow of life without putting up any resistance. For many years, I labored as a witless drone—I was beholden to employers (some jobs cushier than others) for meager wages.

Then one day I decided my dreams, my aspirations, my goals, and my plans mattered more to me than anything else. I had awoken to a success consciousness, and have not looked back since. I presently work remotely from any location or place around the world because that was my burning desire. Now my long-term goal centers on building wealth.

You do not have to put your dreams on hold because of the environment you find yourself in. Glorifying or justifying the busyness in your life will not help you bring your dreams to fruition. With some persistence, you can live your best life. You can engage your passions and connect with the most truthful expression of self. The phenomenal life you deserve is possible—if you genuinely want it.



7 thoughts on “None of Us Can Escape…

  1. You’re right, there’s no excuse! Even if you’re in the worst of circumstances, consider this. If you give up and settle for where you are, your eyes become closed to any opportunities. If you set a goal, you subconsciously look for anything that will help you achieve it. That’s how we’re wired, I think.

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