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Powering Through Difficulties

How do you power through difficulties and setbacks?

I’m not sure if there is any prescribed way to will oneself to the end of something other than to forge ahead despite what appears to be impenetrable barriers.  

Life can be tough and finding the strength to persevere can stretch you beyond the limits of your mental and physical endurance. If you think about it, however, there are really only two options as it relates to dealing with life’s challenges. You can change direction, or you can keep going.

There are times along one’s journey when changing direction is the best option. For example, if you are stuck at a soul-sucking dead-end job, rather than prolong the agony of doing something you hate for the next several years, it would serve your best interest to devote your time to finding and building a career path that will bring you the satisfaction you desire.  

In like manner, there are some relationships that should end—like yesterday. This is especially true if any form of abuse is present. There are no benefits to staying in emotionally, psychologically, and physically abusive relationships.

While many of life’s challenges can be used as opportunities for growth, there are some instances when it is best to abandon ship and live to see and experience the beauty of another day. 

Powering through difficulties is only one side of the coin. Being smart and knowing when to change direction is the other side—or perhaps a different coin altogether. The reality is, there are different ways to respond to a problem. More importantly, it requires courage to take ownership of one’s life and know when and how to respond. 


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