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The Truth About Love

What is love? How well do we understand the implications of the word love? When does one come to know the essence of love? How should one go about deconstructing the concept or idea of love—to make meaning of it?

Can one know love without first knowing hate or indifference? Can one love completely without self-sacrifice, risk, or loss? Does one genuinely love others? Or does a person express his or her interpretation of what he or she thinks love is? 

When was your first encounter with love? In what ways has love evolved since you first experienced it?   

Is love built on a solid foundation or is love the foundation? How does one reconcile knowing what s/he loves, but not loving what s/he knows? Is it consequential to know what love isn’t in order to know what love is? Why? 

If all of humankind embraced love, would the challenges we now face take care of themselves? Would we evolve to become more empathetic, more connected, and more accepting? Would we reject the social constructs that are keeping us mired in distrust, fear, and contempt for relational intimacy?

Should our use and employment of the word love be bounded by duty, or guided by one’s free will? 

Here is the truth about love. Love is revolutionary! When one is willing to sacrifice the essence of his or her existence so that others can have an opportunity to experience happiness, wholeness, and abundance—it is at that moment love is kindled within—empowering and guiding each person to live out the highest and most truthful expression of his or her humanity. 

Since you’re here…

…I wrote a book about love with the aim of sparking a national conversation about tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. The goal is to get Choose Love Not Hate into every home and school, and make our communities places of intercultural learning and hubs of compassion. It would mean the world to me if you ordered a copy of Choose Love Not Hate today. Thank you. 

Choose Love Not Hate - 3D



21 thoughts on “The Truth About Love

  1. Congrats on the book! For me, love is only love when it is not dependent on conditions. If the world could remove the conditions of love, joy, peace, happiness, gratitude, etc. (if we learned to cultivate these emotions within, apart from our outward circumstances), then, I believe, we would see radical change. ❤

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      1. Yin and yang. You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. You can’t experience the highs without experiencing the lows. You know, stuff like that.😘

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  2. I first experienced from my mothers womb. I do believe love is foundational. We usually meet people we know absolutely nothing or very little about them, yet we love them. We should simply love people without filters , the filters usually disappear quickly anyway, if the love is real.

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    1. Let’s say love is determined by the person demonstrating love, who we’ll call Person X. What if the recipient of this “love” (Person Y) does not view Person X’s action as love, can we truly define Person X’s emotion, feeling, or action as love?

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      1. Yes why not? Everything is subjective in life. It’s not always mutual. We would all love our exact emotion of love to be reciprocated but is it ever really? Sometimes we find the gems, sometimes we find marbles and other times rocks. It’s all how we interpret it, receive it.

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