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Fight For Your Success

Progress lies not in enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be. -Khalil Gibran

If you want something badly enough, whatever that thing is, whether it be love, happiness, or success, you are going to fight for it no matter how difficult the process of obtaining that goal is. 

One of the fiercest battles you will ever face is the battle to succeed. The same way you fight to maintain your sense of happiness and well-being is the same spirit you will need in order to unleash your highest potential so as to experience unparalleled success. 

Fighting for your success comes as a result of: (1) having a ridiculously-impossible dream; (2) intentional repetition of smart and deliberate effort; and (3) sticktoitiveness. Winning the battle for success occurs by design. This is to say that if you do just enough to earn success, then your efforts will not yield the level of success you desire. 

Winning the battle for success is built on effective success habits. The first of which is purposeful energy, which means implementing a new success initiative every day. As a blogger and writer, I have to carve out each step along my success journey with exact precision. I cannot afford to leave my life and future to chance.

Life is the most exciting opportunity we have. But we have one shot. And you have to find that courage that’s deep, deep, deep in there. Every step of the way. -Andrew Shue

So each day I get up, I implement a new success strategy into my master plan—something I had not done before. Every step toward your goals and aspirations matters because just as there is the potential for failure at every step, there is success in every step. I have learned it’s often the step you did not expect to work that leads you to your crowning achievement.

Fighting for your success also involves staying motivated and on task. The reality is, success takes time and requires an enormous amount of focus and discipline. Fighting for your success is the path of the greatest resistance. There are no shortcuts. That means, even when you think and feel you can’t or don’t want to go on, you must persist. 

Consider the alternatives. How would abandoning your aspirations and purpose benefit you or those whom you love? In what ways would quitting serve your best interests?

Do yourself a favor and refuse to throw in the towel when you encounter difficulties. Face challenges head-on and will yourself into becoming the best version of you. 

Use the power of your purpose—the power of your mind— to tolerate discomfort and setbacks, and win the battle of success. There will be ups and downs. Nonetheless, your success journey can be an unbelievably and exceedingly rewarding experience if you stay the course. 

Since you’re here…

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8 thoughts on “Fight For Your Success

    1. Thank you, Lorraine! The question of “Are my efforts enough” is one I always ask myself especially when doubt starts to creep in. One of the guiding principles I use to stay on track says: “The only ‘break’ anyone can afford to rely upon is a self-made ‘break.’ These come through the application of persistence.” -Napoleon Hill

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