17 thoughts on “When You Feel Like Crap, And What To Do About It

  1. Yo, I like this. Simple yet effective reminder of the effort and consciousness needed to make the accurate adjustments in our lives. Thank for posting it. I look forward to pulling myself out of this shithole. ❤

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  2. Some very wise advice here. Starting the day off with positive affirmations really works, the effort is in maintaining that attitude of positivity. Great post.

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  3. Reblogged this on Ethereal Seals: Dragonsoul and commented:
    A wonderful post from a fellow blogger on centering yourself on the right path. Remember, choose the positive, don’t fall into the quagmire of the ego’s negativity. The ego is a vicious beast that continually strives to control who and what you are. Everyone is a beautiful being with infinite potential; we have only to deny those things holding us back, and the universe will assist us. Cheers.

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