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Baby Steps To Success

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There are no shortcuts to success. The experience of success takes time to mature.

One of the reasons success takes years to grow in its fullness is to prepare the recipient for the responsibility that comes with success. 

The nature of success is that it is built on a mountain of disappointments, complications, delays, and inconveniences. Navigating around obstacles without losing focus—without losing your way—is one of success’ designs to test one’s mettle. Success will stretch you to determine what matters most to you. 

There are no magic pills for success. Trust me; I wish there were. I’ve come to learn that greatness necessitates mental and physical preparation. More importantly, greatness demands an unwavering commitment to mastering the small.

Every big success is inseparably bounded up with what often appears to be insignificant small steps—the daily wins—the mini victories. For without mastery over the little things, one’s efforts relating to more significant opportunities will be futile. There is always more to do when it comes to success. There are always more lessons to learn and discoveries to be made. 

The first step toward getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are. -Chauncey Depew

Carving a path to accomplishing your aim and purpose is always preceded by a long period of preparation, iteration, experimentation, and adaptation. Gaining mastery—becoming great—always follows being consistently good over a long stretch of time. 

It is during this period of waiting that many people abandon their pursuits. In this new information age, everyone seems to be in a hurry. It appears that everyone wants to become an overnight success. No one wants to wait. 

The erosion of patience seems to have created a culture that is more interested in form over substance, speed over quality, and immediate gratification over long-term sustainable success.

Capturing each moment along the way is where the story starts. Refuse to buy into the notion that you need to do great things to be great. Ascending to unparalleled heights of success begins with the first small step. Remember, you become great by doing good over a long period. 

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2 thoughts on “Baby Steps To Success

  1. I just logged on after being away for quite some time – and being unhappy with myself for yet again abandoning my goals, dreams and road to my own personal success. I’m taking it as some sort of sign that your post was the first thing I saw. It has all of the reminders I need yet constantly forget. So, here I go again . . . starting with baby steps.

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    1. I appreciate your candor and ability to self-assess. Self-awareness is a strong predictor of success, which tells me that you’re on the right track to reaching your highest potential. I believe in you!! 🙂💕


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