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Success Should Not Define How We Live

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We are led to believe that success is the ultimate prize. But is it?

I would put forth that success should not be the ultimate goal. The way we live our lives should be the most significant aspect of our existence.

Although success plays a vital role in many areas of one’s life and contributes to the overall happiness and well-being of a person, group, or community, success by itself has no lasting efficacy. This is not to stay that success is not needed. What I am suggesting is that we should value fulfillment more so than we do success. 

Here’s my rationale. Success is a pursuit, and rightly so, but fulfillment is a lifestyle. Success is a goal, while fulfillment is a journey through the lifespan. Success celebrates the result, while fulfillment finds meaning in the process. 

Success should not define how we live; instead, how we live should define what success means. 

On the one hand, success provides the confidence needed to overcome obstacles. On the other hand, fulfillment offers a sense of peace in the midst of life’s difficulties. The pursuit of success stimulates action, while fulfillment activates passion. Success is knowing what you are good at; conversely, fulfillment is accepting all of you—your limitations and growth opportunities.

Success focuses on the future, while fulfillment focuses on the present moment. Success conveys to others what you are capable of, but fulfillment shows what you are made of. The courage to pursue your dream can lead to success, while the courage to help others realize their dreams brings about fulfillment.

The road to success is built on work and effort, while the path to fulfillment centers on being and becoming. Success often seeks to compete, while fulfillment seeks to complement. Success asks: How can we dominate? Fulfillment asks: How can we work together? 

As you go through life, be mindful of exercising the courage to become the best version of you. By doing so, you will find the freedom to experience a fulfilling life. 

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6 thoughts on “Success Should Not Define How We Live

  1. Hello Josiah, This blog post about fulfillment versus success is stellar. Speaking of stellar, I have read and reviewed your latest book, Choose Love Not Hate. If you’re curious or interested or some combination of the two, you can check it out at Amazon.com.
    All the best.

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    1. Hi Robert! Thank you!! I am grateful and humbled by your generosity and thoughtfulness. It’s fitting that you’d be the first person to leave a review, and a meaningful one at that. You’ve restored a bit of enthusiasm that was waning based on the expectation that I’d have at least one hundred reviews by now. I will remember your support and kindness. Thanks again. 🙏🏽 -jh

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