Make A Promise To Yourself

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Be your own experiment. Be your own work of art. Be a work in progress. And be OK with it. – Unknown

I made two promises to myself that relates to my children. The first promise I made was to stir up within my children a desire and imagination to be drivento get to a place where they woke up excited every day desiring to be the best version of themselves.

The second promise centered on teaching my children to teach themselves how to be financially independent, meaning, acquiring the requisite financial knowledge so as to make informed and effective financial decisions. 

For them, the goal was to enter their twenties with zero debt (which they have) and create a body of work (a brand) that would set them up for long-term financial success. Thus far, those promises have turned out exponentially better than I anticipated, and I’m grateful. 

The promises I’ve made regarding my own interests have not been as fruitful, even so, I remain hopeful and will continue to plow ahead. 

What promises have you made to yourself over the years? Have you kept those promises? And how has keeping those promises improve your life? 

The message of this post is simple, and that is: Every day offers you the opportunity to become the best version of you, and it is entirely up to you to shape the outcome of your future by engaging the present through intelligent and actionable success initiatives.

If you have not yet made a promise to yourself regarding the goals you want to accomplish and the life you’d like to live, then today is a good day to make that promise.  

You will have no regrets later on in life if you make a decision today to get better every single day and make the rest of your life the best of your life. 

Since you’re here…

…I wrote a book about love with the aim of sparking a national conversation about tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. The goal is to get Choose Love Not Hate into every home and school, and make our communities places of intercultural learning and hubs of compassion. It would mean the world to me if you ordered a copy of Choose Love Not Hate today. Thank you. 

Choose Love Not Hate - 3D



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