Mind’full’ness Is The Key To Happiness

The Mindfullness Show is back for another season. In this season (Season 2), we will be discussing the hottest topics relating to pop culture and news around the world. You can listen here or over here

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. -Omar Khayyam

It takes being mindful to be happy.

There are certain expectations as to what happiness is supposed to look like. Those expectations can come from others and also from one’s own sense of being and the manner by which one sees him or herself in the world. 

Because our happiness is tied to the ebb and flow of life, it necessitates framing our happiness and expectations, which go hand-in-hand, based on a holistic view of life experiences.

The reality is, most of the time, our happiness is not going to look like what we imagined it to be. That is, sometimes when we expect the good, setbacks and obstacles show up, and when we think the worse is going to happen, good fortune surprises us.

In my experience, having an open mind or being mindful is the key to inviting happiness into one’s life. Mindfulness is living in the moment without trying to influence the happenings of the moment or wishing the moment were different. 

To be mindful is to go with the flow of life without allowing fear of the unknown to get in the way. To be mindful is to accept life as it is. Mind’full’ness means acknowledging your experiences and valuing every part of self—owning the entirety of your being, which is the key to happiness.

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