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Pick Your Day

The following was excerpted from Sean McCabe at (see video below).

What is your day? I mean, day of the week—and not just a day of the week to play around or hang around or which one do you enjoy the most—I mean, which day of the week do you post your weekly content?   

“Uh, wait a second, what do you mean my weekly content?  I don’t post content.” 

Well, you need to. You need to post content weekly at a minimum. Weekly is the minimum to stay relevant. People live their lives in weekly cycles. They have routines that repeat every single week. They have certain things they do on certain days.

When you consistently create content, you get inside someone’s weekly cycle. You’re able to become a part of their routine. They will form routines around your content and associate your content with things they do. 

Weekly content is the minimum to stay relevant. Pick a day of the week. Just pick. Stop overthinking and make a commitment. 

Eventually, you want to get to daily. [Posting] daily is the ultimate. If you can post content every single day, you’re going to stay top of mind for people. But weekly is where you start.

Start with a commitment. Start with action. You can’t steer a parked car. So start. Commit. Pick a day. 

Since you’re here…

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