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My Novel Is Completed

If you have a desire to write and a story to tell, then you ought to do so. 

Two years ago, I decided to do something I never thought I would do. I sat down to write a novel. It would take me nine months to complete book one of this particular series. 

  • Genre: Speculative Fiction (Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Science fiction)
  • Book trim: 5.5″ x 8.5″
  • Page count: 530
  • Series title: The _____ Series, Book 1
  • Release date: 2020

Nonfiction writing is my forte. Although it comes naturally to me, the writing process from start to finish stems from ongoing research and preparation. As it relates to fiction writing, the thought of doing so never really crossed my mind. I did not find the written component of genre fiction to be particularly appealing. 

What’s interesting, however, was watching my daughters spend their after-school hours (from elementary through high school) getting lost in the world of novels. I’d often look at them and wonder what was it about those books that would facilitate such an immersive experience.

Their cheerful attempts to explain the books’ plots and characters would only serve to exacerbate my confused state. So I stuck with the familiar landscape of nonfiction. Years later, a jolt of reality and nonreality would force me to make a shift—one that would stretch me beyond the limits of my creative endurance. 

My foray into fiction began with a dream I had on September 22, 2015. The dream was so vivid, and the sensations felt so real that as soon as the dream ended, I pulled out my phone and recorded everything I remembered about the dream. It was as if the characters wanted their stories to be told.

Once I started writing, I could not put the “pen” down. The plot, premise, and characters came to me as if they were always a part of my reality. 

I am currently working on Books 2 & 3 of the series, And I have not felt this alive about any writing projects I’d previously worked on. To be honest, I am surprised by this indescribable cognitive excitement that accompanies the process of writing fiction.

What’s even more interesting is that my exposure to novels is limited to one book: The Alchemist. That’s it! The first and only novel I’ve read to date.

I’m not sure why this series chose me, but I am grateful to be the conduit through which it will flourish. I plan to release the first book of the series sometime in 2020.

If there is one takeaway from my experience of writing fiction, I would say it is the freedom of doing something you love and uncovering the tools you possess to achieve your greatest human potential. The newness of writing fiction ensures that I will continue to learn and grow as a writer and storyteller.

Since you’re here…

…I wrote a book that explores the ethical and moral consequences of indifference and social intolerance. Choose Love Not Hate aims to spark a national conversation about tolerance, diversity, and inclusion. It would mean the world to me if you ordered a copy of Choose Love Not Hate today. Thank you. 

Choose Love Not Hate - 3D

36 thoughts on “My Novel Is Completed

  1. Best of luck on your new writing (ad)venture.I can feel your passion and commitment.. As a fellow journalist, I would be most interested in doing the first sweep of edits for you , or even the final. I have done this for 3 other novelists, so I do have some good experience. As with my other authors, I would guard my anonymity as a ghostwriter.

    I know you will be very successful.

    All the best

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    1. Margaret, I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Book one will definitely need to go through two or more editing passes. When I get closer to completing book 2, it is at that point I will begin the process of seeking out editors. I checked out your page and will certainly save your information. Thanks again!! 🙂


    1. Hey Lorraine! Thank you, dear! 😊 I too was surprised that the idea for this series came from a dream. Interestingly, what I didn’t mention in the post was that the dream came to me before…at least the main character did, but I kept her story buried in my mind.

      I did manage, however, to record the details of that dream, but I stopped there. The next time around, I was more intentional about capturing the second related dream and writing the “complete” story.

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      1. Ooh you’ve just reminded me of my own experiences with characters and scenes from my dreams.

        I’ve not had a complete novel though. That’s fantastic! 😊

        I’m off to make notes of those characters for a future WIP.

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  2. Interested in your description “Post-Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Science fiction”.

    Fantasy + Science fiction together has me picturing a world that’s rebuilding many, many, generations after an apocalyptic event that has mostly been forgotten about and none of the fables/myths have ever got it quite right.

    I’m probably pretty far from correct but you got me thinkin’

    More power to you for making it through several novels of fiction, by the way.
    That’s some serious passion, stamina and tunnel-vision!

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    1. J.L.M., thanks for stopping by to drop me your positive and encouraging note.

      The book originally started off with a post-apocalyptic theme, but the deeper I got into the story, the more the plot and characters evolved, which introduced elements of fantasy and syfy.

      By the way, you did a good job explaining the fantasy/syfy concept.


    1. Thank you, Susan. 😊 I find it remarkable that so many people get their ideas, books or otherwise, from dreams. There’s so much to learn and appreciate about dream dimensions. Happy writing to you as well.

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