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Celebrate Who You Are

This post was written by one of my twin daughters, Kalilah. You can check out her digital art here and her vlogcast here

I love the word “success” because it is so subjective. Not Google’s definition of the word, of course, but the way others define success. No one person’s accomplishment is greater than the other, though it may seem that way. In this day and age, especially as a millennial, it is easy to get caught up in the hype of being “social media famous” and equating that to unparalleled success.

Seeing the nice clothes, vehicles, and fame that these people have, which they achieved from doing makeup tutorials, pranks, comical videos and more, makes the rest of us who are not doing those things look at our lives and ask, “What am I doing wrong?”

Here is the key: do not compare yourself to those people. That is it. Problem solved. Just because what they have achieved is broadcasted on a level or platform that is seen by the public does not mean your accomplishments are invaluable.

Remember that raise you were given at your job for being an exceptional employee? That is an example of YOUR success. You showed that you could do your job at an exceptional level, which resulted in you receiving more income. With that growth, you can use the extra money to invest in yourself, and to invest in something that can help build your brand. That is something that should be celebrated by you, something you should be proud of.

Here are the takeaways I’d like to leave with you.

Embrace the small wins in life. Every goal you set and achieve, no matter how little, brings you closer to the life you envision for yourself. There will be times when you will hit bumps along the way and question whether or not the path you are on is actually the one for you. These hindrances prove you are exactly where you need to be.

Celebrate the process. Because all you have is time; time to perfect your craft, time to make connections and grow your personal brand, and time to become self-aware. There is no perfect way to attain what you are envisioning.

The right moment to start is now. No one but you can direct your life exactly the way you want. So enjoy your path to success because the end result will only be the beginning of a lifetime of opportunities. More doors will open as you continue building an empire that can help inspire others to create their own versions of success.



11 thoughts on “Celebrate Who You Are

    1. Miriam, you are kind! 😊 I was having a busier than normal Tuesday when I decided to ask my daughters if any of them would be interested in writing a guest post, and Kalilah volunteered. I’m happy she did…and happier you saw value in her work.

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