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Are You Living Your Best Life?

Here is something to consider.

Are you living your best lifeI mean, the life of your imaginings?

Think about the question for a moment…. 

Now, what was your honest response?

Personally, I will admit that while I am not quite there as it relates to living the life of my imaginings, I am pretty close to it. Okay, maybe not that close, but close enough to get a whiff of what is ahead.

Now, you must be wondering what does the idea of a “best life” consist of? I imagine it is different for each person. Even so, isn’t the idea of living your best life appealing? Something worth pursuing…and sacrificing for? I certainly think so.

Imagine with me for a moment. What if there were no encumbrances to your dreams? What if, starting today, you were able to manifest every thought relating to living your best life into reality? What about your mindset would change? Would you view hurdles and obstacles differently?

If we took a moment to contemplate on our livesour progress, then we’d realize what we often perceive as obstacles are not obstacles in the truest sensemeaning, those “obstacles” that supposedly get in our way were not designed to stop us from reaching our full potential.

One could surmise that there is only the matter of time and the spaces in-between. And herein lies the dilemma. Many of us are not adept at making adjustments in those liminal spaces.

We treat time as if time is our enemy. We feel that if a dream does not come to pass within a certain time frame, that dream or goal was not meant to be. I would argue that such is hardly the case. The truth is, we dream dreams because our dreams were meant to enhance every aspect of our reality.

So here’s my takeaway. If you are intent on living your best life, then you would be wise to place the highest value (and priority) on the life you believe you deserve. Realize this—Our dreams aren’t just dreamsour dreams are living and breathing constructs meant to add purpose to our lives and lend balance to our existence.

Since you’re here…

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4 thoughts on “Are You Living Your Best Life?

  1. This is wonderful, Josiah. Thank you. I believe this very same thing about our dreams. I often think of our dreams as an invitation from our future self to our current self to help us grow more in love and wisdom and audacity. So I love this idea of yours that our dreams enhance the structure of our lives. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Hi Shelly! I appreciate the richness you bring to the conversation. I especially love the idea of our dreams being an invitation from our future selves to lead an existence defined by love and to fulfill our most truthful and authentic purpose.


  2. Hello Josiah, I recently reconnected with family and friends at my father’s funeral. As soon as I learned of his death I knew that I wanted to give a eulogy; not just “should” out of obligation. I really wanted to, down to my bones. So I let my mother and the preacher know of my intentions and set about to write a good one.
    The service was two weeks ago. I had them laughin’ and I had em cryin’. At the end there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.Writing the words, I found peace within. Delivering it, I made peace with my older brother.
    My answer to your original question is yes, I am living my best life.

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