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2019 Is Almost Here: Time to Update Your Resume

2019 is right around the corner—less than sixty days away. What does this mean? This means it is time to update your resume—your life’s resume, that is.

Updating your life’s resume is vital because doing so helps you gain perspective as it relates to what has worked/is working/will likely continue to work, and also what has not worked/will not work.

  • For some of you, your job/career has outlived its usefulness. While others are surging forward in their careers, you are either stuck in the same place or going backward—no significant raises, no meaningful promotions, and no life-changing perquisites.
    • I know this feeling all too well in that earlier this year I had to make a choice between doing what I love and continue making little money, or starting a brand new career with unlimited earnings potential. I did the latter and have no regrets.  

Updating your life’s resume informs you as to what changes you need to make NOW in order to get the intended results in 2019 and beyond.

  • Any task or activity that has added significant value to your personal/professional brand, those are the tasks and activities you ought to double-down and triple-down on.
  • Anything that reduced, diminished, or minimized your personal or professional development should be discarded and abandoned. That list might include some people.

Updating your life’s resume allows you to review your goals.

  • Does your life/lifestyle convey the best representation of your person, your family, your legacy?
  • What major accomplishment(s) did you collect during the past six months?
    • Did you finish paying off a major debt?
    • Are you one or two steps closer to launching your business?

Ultimately, updating your resume is about creating the life you deserve. It is about having the opportunity to celebrate what matters most to you. Updating your life’s resume entails placing yourself in the best possible situation to win—because you deserve to.



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