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Something Is Going To Break Through

In the world of automobiles, the Ford Model T is both iconic and unique in that an entire industry and economy was built based on its creation. Despite the successful production run of other competitors, the Model T (and its successors) broke through and became “a powerful symbol of America’s age of modernization.”

In the mid-to-late 1990s, there were a host of search engine companies competing for market share in this new space. A few companies, including Yahoo and Google, emerged at the head of the class. Google somehow not only survived, but also continues to dominate the industry.

UNESCO estimates that about 2 million books are published worldwide each year. A ridiculously small number of those authors will do just enough to attract a community of readers and buyers. And a much tinier fraction of that small group will go on to write best-sellers and make a decent ROI on their effort.

So here is the article’s glass-half-full perspective. Someone or something will always break through.

Someone is going to win the Powerball. Some new artist will drop the song or album of the year. A new movie will burst on to the scene and shatter box office records. Some new technology will be launched and improve how we interact with each other.

A new book series will be written and change the way we think about literature. Someone will find true love. 

Something is going to break through—it always does.

I leave you with this. What are you doing today to become that someone, or produce that something that has the potential to change your family tree and legacy?  



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