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Life Cycles Are Amazing

Some years ago, my primary non-discretionary expenditures were on scientific journals and academic/educational reading materials. Before that, bass guitars and other music equipment were my thing—that was the case because my livelihood came mostly from playing weekly gigs as a bassist.


Nowadays, the items I invest in are all manner of logic control systems, cordless power tools, and accessories—something I did not anticipate, plan, or wish for. But life has an interesting way of coming full circle. And here is what I mean.

At the age of thirteen, I was introduced to residential drafting. I worked as a drafting apprentice for a couple years, then eventually became a full-time draftsman.


Near the latter stage of my drafting career, I transitioned to residential and light commercial electrical work. I did that for four years and certainly enjoyed that aspect of the construction industry.

I would spend the next few years wandering in barren wastelands of job-hopping before eventually finding my way into academia—a field to which I would dedicate over a decade of my life.


Nonetheless, I was stuck! As a non-tenured faculty member, I had quickly maxed out my earning potential, which left me with two options. The first was to continue sharing space with learners—something which I thoroughly enjoyed—and continue making just enough to get by.

The second option involved returning to an industry that gave me my start in life and one that would allow me to earn more money than I’d ever earned. At this stage in my life, the choice was really simple. I chose the path that would facilitate both my short and long-term goals—which require extensive capital and funding.

Here is the takeaway. Life cycles can be both unpredictable and amazing. I would have you believe that it might well be in your best interest not to shun life cycles as one of those cycles could usher in a reality that enables you to live and thrive as the best version of you.

Because of this movement—this incredible journey—and my decision not to resist it, I am earning more and generously giving more. I am happy and grateful to be where I am, and I am also looking forward to what is ahead.



5 thoughts on “Life Cycles Are Amazing

  1. sounds like you followed both a profession and a passion to great result. The best advice I give high school age folks I mentor, is to get a trade or a profession that would always feed them, and use the resources that provides to then do what they are passionate about. The reverse is often very discouraging to their aspirations.

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