The Secret to Happiness Is…

I have come to realize that while happiness exists in the present moment, it often comes in unplanned and unpredictable bursts. That is, happiness has a set-point, which is subject to change based on life’s circumstances.

This finding, however, does not mean that it is impossible for one to lead a consistently happy existence. What is being presented is that if a person bases his or her happiness on external environmental factors, then that happiness will be fleeting.

The converse could also produce a similar outcome in that if a person is solely dependent on his or her ability to drum up happiness from within, then the result can be less than satisfying. And this is because happiness is more than a thought or choice.

To be happy means to be honest with whatever emotions you are experiencing. Happiness, therefore, is a feeling, a process, and acceptance of what is/is not, and what could be.

So while happiness does not mean in perpetuity, we can choose to live with gratitude, reframe our thinking, and adapt to our environment so as to increase our happiness quotient and the probability of sustainable life satisfaction.



2 thoughts on “The Secret to Happiness Is…

  1. I have most certainly learned that seeking happiness is an effort in futility… for me, at least. Happiness comes when goals are achieved and life is lived with love and integrity.

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