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“I Don’t Give A Shit About You”

According to economist Richard Wolff, in a capitalist system the mantra, “I don’t give a shit about you” is the model upon which the employer (exploiter)―employee (exploited) relationship is built.

In relation to the above quote, my central idea is: The employer-employee relationship leans heavily on the side of the employer—often with meager and short-term perquisites for the employee. 

With that said, I do not believe it is not enough simply to hold a job or a career. I would also add that it is unwise to be dependent on an employer (usually, a single source of income) to satisfy one’s financial obligations and establish a solid financial foundation to build one’s future.

In almost every employer-employee relationship, employees are expendable instruments—disposable tools with a limited shelf life serving at the whim of the employer. But it does not have to be so.

You are in control of your life. You can live and thrive as an independent owner even if you work for an employer.

The benefit of thinking and acting like an independent owner is that the risk of being left out in the cold by an employer is significantly less. Thinking like a boss means using your work knowledge, skills, and connections to create opportunities for yourself outside of the workplace.

There is no shame in showing up every day and doing what you are told in exchange for a dollar. Even so, in order to balance the scale and have access to the same (or greater) financial opportunities as your employer, it behooves those of us who work for an employer to invest in ourselves.

Here are some ways you can create opportunities from within a company.

  • Garage buying & selling. “There is a ridiculous amount of opportunity that’s just sitting at garage sales all over the country.” ― Gary V
  • Vlog your daily life. “While vlogging might seem like an exclusively millennial portmanteau –  it’s a bonafide breadwinning career with unlimited earning potential.” ― Olivia Petter
  • Open an investment account. “It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.” ― Robert Kiyosaki
  •  House flipping. “Done the right way, a house flip can be a great investment. In a short amount of time, you can make smart renovations and sell the house for much more than you paid for it.” ― Dave Ramsey



2 thoughts on ““I Don’t Give A Shit About You”

  1. Very interesting! Confirms something I heard on a talk show awhile back from a financial advisor—to put all of our eggs in one basket (a basket owned by someone else—our employer) is unwise in this day and age. As you say, we are expendable. Very few life-long careers with pension, benefits, etc, exist in this day and age and at that, it is not guaranteed. If we don’t advocate for ourselves financially, certainly no one else will. This is not the olden days where a handshake and one’s word was solid and golden, and companies invested in their people, rather than their products.

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    1. Beautifully captured, Sue. We do indeed have to be proactive in matters of financial self-advocacy. Relying on job “security” and traditional pension plans to establish or secure one’s financial future is a sure path to heartbreak and regret years later. Thanks for sharing.

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