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Enhancing Self-Knowledge

The movement—the journey toward enhancing self-knowledge and becoming the greatest version of you necessitates being in nurturing and supportive environments that welcome and facilitate your growth and development through the lifespan.



2 thoughts on “Enhancing Self-Knowledge

  1. I don’t know if always “being” in those environments is the entire formula for completely getting to know yourself and becoming the best you. I think calling those environments “home” while being able to enter and leave challenging environments would be a more complete way of gaining self-knowledge. Sometimes it takes struggling to learn something about yourself. Then it would be nice to be able to come “home” to examine the new knowledge and affect and test self-change in a supportive environment.
    My two cents… change accepted 🙂

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    1. Scott, while one’s environment plays a significant role in that person’s personal and professional development, I do agree that the environment is one out of many factors that must be intentionally engaged in order to experience holistic growth. I appreciate you taking the time to share your insights.


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