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Beware of Unhealthy Environments

There are some environments that exist for the sole purpose of tearing you down mentally, emotionally, and physically. Unhealthy environments act as incubators for stress and other stress-related illnesses. Toxic and dysfunctional environments are the perfect recipes for cognitive dissonance, which causes the mind and body to enter into an imbalance state, thereby exacerbating challenges you might be facing.

As you plan your day, be mindful of the environments you are in. Place yourself in healthful environments—create environments that will open your world to new opportunities and possibilities—environments that will allow you to nurture your own successful personal and professional development. Remember, a healthy environment is a thriving environment—it is one that reaffirms positive thoughts, emotions, and your outlook on life.


6 thoughts on “Beware of Unhealthy Environments

  1. This is so true! Sometimes you fall into these situations that are unhealthy environments through no fault of your own. And the only thing you can do is strive to get yourself out of it. I know because I have been there!

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    1. As you alluded to, once a person recognizes that his or her environment is more harmful than helpful, then it necessitates making a change so as to experience joy, happiness and lasting fulfillment. Thanks for sharing. 😊


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