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Service and Rewards

The following is an excerpt from Earl Nightingale. Check out the link below.

Our rewards in life will always match our service. If any person alive is discontented with his or her rewards, he or she should examine his or her service.

What you put in will determine what you must get back in return. Whatever it is you seek in the form of reward, you must first earn in the form of service to others. All attempts to abrogate, to sidestep this law will end in failure, frustration, and if maintained long enough, ultimate demoralization. 

A person’s discontent could be said to be represented by the distance between what s/he has and what s/he wants.

Look objectively at the place in which you now find yourself. Consider the distance separating you from your goal and determine ways of increasing your service so you will build a bridge across it.

A person’s world can be compared to a plot of ground that has inherent within itself an amazing potential. That is, all of us are given some land—we are given a human life—and it is up to us to make something great out of it.


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4 thoughts on “Service and Rewards

    1. Scott, the experiences and activities that happen between sowing and reaping can indeed be their own reward.

      I view “taking action,” however, more as part of the process rather than being a reward in itself. In my mind, a reward is the culmination or outcome that stemmed from some sort of production.

      I appreciate your perspective.

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